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Our efforts to shape the course of history play a critical role. In this moment, an opportunity has come for you to increase the impact and engagement of JHOP DC and Bound4LIFE on Capitol Hill.

Right now, we have been given an extraordinary opportunity! A generous benefactor has offered a $25,000 matching gift if we can raise that amount in the month of August.

This is an incredible offer we can’t afford to pass up, and we need your HELP to reach the goal. Take a moment to look at what your support can build.



Believe it or not, many organizations claim to be in Washington, DC—but they are nothing more than a P.O. Box. They present themselves with a DC mailing address, but their efforts are carried out far from Capitol Hill. That’s because living and operating in the capital city is unbelievably expensive and inconvenient. 

JHOP DC, however, has been boots-on-the-ground since we began in October 2004. It is a costly presence, but we are laboring to see Jesus and His word glorified in this dark place. We actually contend for God’s purposes in the governmental gate of the nation. 

When you support JHOP DC, you have the confidence that we’re really here!



We seek to translate current events into real-time intercession. We call it “praying on-site with insight.” We do this through our weekly prayer room schedule, communications designed to mobilize the broader prayer movement, and practical teaching, training, and mentoring.

We take our prayers even closer by weekly “prayer walking” in key locations, which creates opportunities to pray with congressional staffers and sometimes even elected leaders. 

When you give to JHOP DC, you’re literally putting feet to your prayers and support!



JHOP DC and Bound4LIFE have never been a “rubber stamp” for any political party. We have always made a habit of pursuing the Lord and what He wants for every situation—from elections to legislation. 

We’re not afraid to be unpopular or face impossible situations in faith. Our goal is to represent both God and His church with honesty, integrity, and passion. That’s why we have made a full-time effort to seek and prioritize revelation on matters that impact millions of lives.

When you support JHOP DC, you’re raising up a prophetic witness that is literally shaping the news headlines!

One perfect example of this is how we dealt with the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court last year. Watch this video about the extraordinary way God used our revelation and prayers.



Our Director, Matt Lockett, is a prominent voice in national faith-based coalitions. His leadership in the prayer and pro-life movements has become a key element for mobilization that spans multiple networks. 

JHOP DC is about to reach its 14th anniversary of continuous ministry on Capitol Hill, which is soon to encompass eight election cycles as well as six vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court. Bound4LIFE has become a pro-life force to be reckoned with, and the red Life Tape continues to be a powerful icon in the mainstream media after all these years.

When you partner with JHOP DC and Bound4LIFE, you are shaping culture and the destiny of America.