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The Life and Times of Rees Howells

A documentary exploring how Rees Howells’ generation of believers navigated through global trials, confronted the grim realities of combat, and advanced the Great Commission.


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There are moments in history when doors for massive change swing open. Great revolutions become inevitable—for good or evil. Brave souls risk everything to become the hinge of history.

Remnants of a generation are still alive today who were eye witnesses to the last time one of these dramatic moments shifted the globe. Now in their twilight years, these individuals still vividly recall the events that shaped the earth through unprecedented prayer, revival, and conflict. As that great generation quickly passes into history, too few people today understand that the earth is once again poised to shift into a similar time of political complexity and social challenges. The church must learn the spiritual principles discovered by our grandfathers and grandmothers in order to navigate the days that are now upon us.

Rees Howells was a shining example of that former generation. He was a common man—a coal miner and tin worker—who emerged in the first half of the twentieth century as an uncommon leader, uniquely prepared for a time of conflict and war. His experiences in prevailing prayer took him from the great Welsh Revival of 1904 to the mission field of Africa. His life bridged the tumultuous time from one World War to the next. His faith spanned from the Great Depression of 1929 to the formation of Israel in 1948. World events were carefully carried in prayer and intercession by Rees Howells, and the destiny of nations hung in the balance.

In the wake of The Great War (WWI), global systems and power structures shifted in unpredictable ways. It was during that time that Rees Howells became gripped with a heavenly vision for the completion of the Great Commission, but he realized that a higher caliber of missionaries would be required for success during the rise of dictators and evil regimes. Howells’ extraordinary life of prayer became a prototype for contending against unseen spiritual forces of darkness set against God’s purposes throughout the earth, even as society was set on a collision course with World War II. Howells pioneered a life of breakthrough intercession that still serves as an essential model for Christian believers today.

The body of Christ must learn from the exceptional life of Rees Howells, but it is equally important that she better understand the times in which he lived. Similar days are already upon us. We must rediscover Howells’ path, his posture, and his prophetic insight to better prepare for the challenges of our own time. Through eye-witness interviews, on-site commentaries, and historical analysis, the Hinge of History feature-length documentary will equip the church and mobilize her for the future.





Rees Howells’ story of the power of intercession to shape history is one that every christian needs to hear. When you donate to this project, you will help reach believers all over the world with this message.

Hinge of History will appeal to a new generation to engage in the final thrust of frontier missions with the scriptural perspective that both the lightest light and the darkest dark lie ahead. Real world examples of faith will inspire believers and challenge their mindsets for a supernatural way of life in these last days.




Matt Lockett

Co-Director, Executive Producer

Matt is the Executive Director of the Justice House of Prayer DC. He has a special focus on teaching, training, and discipling a young generation to live consecrated lives and impact the world around them through prayer and intercession. Matt’s former marketplace background uniquely positions him to make Hinge of History a success. His professional career in advertising provided more than a dozen years of experience in television production, art direction, writing, and strategic planning.



Co-Director, Executive Producer

Jared is on the leadership team of the Justice House of Prayer DC. With over a decade of media production experience in marketplace settings, Jared has acquired the skills and dedication needed to effectively take Hinge of History from concept to completion. Jared’s greatest desire is to love God and equip and disciple pioneering leaders for the fulfillment of the Great Commission through intercession and Gospel proclamation.



Director of Photography, Editor

Matt Hunter is the founder and lead cinematographer of Eyes of the Heart Films. He has produced several short films and has a passion to release the heart of God through the art of filmmaking. Matt’s cinematic eye, attention to detail, and focus on narrative flow make him an integral crew member to bring Hinge of History to life.


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